Saturday, September 14, 2013

Five for Friday...just a little late!

#1  Well, first off, I am so proud of my little family for adjusting to the first two weeks of school.  My little man is transitioning to daycare really well and Natalee is enjoying her first to weeks of senior kindergarten after a big production of not wanting to go back to school.  My husband is doing a terrific job of helping with lunches and dinners while I settle into my second year of teaching junior and intermediate after spending at least eight years teaching early primary....whew, it's been a busy two weeks!

#2 Also, my little grade sixes and sevens (yes, they seem little this year!) have done a fantastic job on their assigned work this week.  I have to say that the multiplication monsters from the first week of school turned out terrifically.   See the art work below.  I had the kids label the different body parts with the multiplication sentence they rolled in the activity.  I picked up this freebie on teachers pay teachers and boy did it open up my eyes to the fact that my kids don't know their times tables.  It's on my list of achievement for the first term!  Head on over to Yay 3rd Grade for this awesome freebie! It's in her teachers pay teachers store FREE!  Click here to go to her store!

These picture collages were done on a free  Ipad app called much fun!

#3 The next thing that turned out pretty well was an interactive math foldable that I whipped up quickly using google images.  My kiddos needed a lot of help remembering how to multiply multi-digit numbers.  So I made this booklet with the turtle method and the lattice method to help review the concept.  I will post it for you to use!  See the end product below!

#4 The fourth great thing about this week was our introduction to science and biodiversity.  Instead of having the kids make a title page for each unit we do...I thought I would put the topics all on one page.  This way they can see the topics we will be studying in science this term.  I was pleased with the way that they turned out.  See the pic below!

#5 The last thing I saved for the best news ever!  It looks as though we will be hiring another classroom teacher which will put me from 31 kids to 25 kids and a straight grade six!  Woopppee!  I am just hoping that it goes through on paper....but a straight six versus a split 6/7 will be so much better, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  I hope that you had an awesome week too!


  1. That is an adorable picture!
    I am trying not to give up expecting anyone under the age of 30 to know their multiplication facts...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Looking good Jenn! Glad to hear your first two weeks were better than mine! I am finding it really tough to get back into the swing of things this year. I want to spend more time finding out what my students do and don't know, and that makes me feel like I am accomplishing LESS! Ironic isn't it? Have a fantastic Sunday! PS. Got my fingers crossed for your straight 6! MUCH easier.

  3. I love the Multiplication Monster! I just went and got it from her store! My students are desperately lacking multiplication skills. In fact, we are doing a school wide 100% mastery of math facts (grade appropriate) with awesome incentives! I am really excited to start this. We are going to be using Factivation, which is a program that was created by a teacher at my school. Check it out!

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