Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Currently - Finally!

Wow, so again, here I am writing about how it has been so long and it has, according to how much I would like to blog and write.  I love blogging because it is time to myself, doing something that I really want to do!  If you are like me and have young children, you know how precious and rejuvenating this time can be,  which is why I picked the image above.  Sometimes we need to be reminded to "just be" and not get caught up in everything that goes on around us.  This is the time I find that I'm most creative, when I can just be in the present moment.  So here is my May Currently by Farley! I know it's a little late, but better late than never right?

Listening:  To the birds - as I am writing my post, I have the windows opened and the only sound I hear other than the keys on the laptop are the birds.  I've had a real appreciation of them recently and saw a beautiful bright orange oriole the other day.  It's the first time I've seen one EVER and he keeps popping around to say hello.  It's so relaxing to hear nature again!!

Loving: The summer weather!  Here in Ontario, our temperatures have been summer weather!  It's been amazing!  This past weekend I watched my daughter and her friends play in the sprinkler.  I'm so happy to have playtime in the backyard again!

Thinking: About the next school year!  I'm pumped to go back to school which I know is the last thing that some of you want to hear right now as you are wrapping up your school year.  This MAT leave has allowed me to be inspired to go back to the junior grades and really wrap my mind around how I want to program!  So thank you all for your inspiring blogs and ideas!

Wanting: More creative time!  Before our family emergency, I was getting lots of blogging time and feeling inspired to become more creative, however, the time has just not been there like I wanted it to be.  Now that  my little guy is healing and doing better, hopefully we will be back on a routine where I can spend some precious nap time moments creating some things to share with all of you!

Needing:  More sleep!  My little guy has been down and out these past few weeks and our family has suffered a long lasting cold which has kept mommy and daddy up through the night.  Thank goodness we are through it now, sleep deprivation is so hard to deal with sometimes!

Summer Bucket List: Create and relax.  I can't wait to go up north to our trailer.  We upgraded at the end of last season so I'm really looking forward to the new trailer and all of our friends up there.  I know it will allow our family time to relax after a busy winter!  I'm also looking forward to spending some time creating things for my classroom.

On that note, what is your favourite creative tool? What tips do you have to share with a newbie creator like me?  I can't wait to read your comments!!

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