Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Aquainted Linky appears I need to get to know quite a few people, so I snapped up the opportunity to join this getting aquainted linky party from Flying Into First.
Sharing 3 things about yourself that you like or like to do using your initials.

Well my initials are JLM so I am hoping that I can come up with some satisfactory things

J - jogging - I love to run, but jogging is a more suitable word right now as I am really not in shape after the birth of my second child.  Running allows me some time away from all of the labels like "mom", "teacher", "sister", "wife", etc.  I love this time away because it is usually when I have time to reflect, think and come up with creative ideas!  I've also done some fun races below - usually 5k races and have tried to work my way up to a 10k!  See my pic below with my hubby and daughter.

L - lending resources.  One of my favourite things to do is to scout out new books, ideas and activities to recommend and share with other teachers.  If there could be such a job, I would be the activity researcher within the school.  Tell me what you need and I'll look for something that looks fun!  If I were a care bear, I would be Share Bear!!

M - menu planning.  My new favourite thing to do since I have been off on MAT leave is to plan our dinner menu for the week.  I came across this idea in one of my magazines, only they suggested doing this for the entire week - which is just too much for my brain right now...but three days works perfectly.  It allows me to plan three dinners and record all of the ingredients I need to make the dishes.  I have been trying new things for fun and I absolutely love my new recipes.  Now, when I return to work, I will have more dinner ideas to choose from instead of the same old ones.  Some of my new favourite recipes have been:
* Butter Chicken - first ever!
* Jambalaya - thanks Emerill!
* Beef Meat Pies - a great way to use left over beef roast in an interesting way!

For anyone who loves making lists, I suggest doing this - all you have to do is search for three new recipes to try and record the ingredients.  Most website recipes have the list for you to print - how simple is that!!  My favourite recipe site is because they have this feature and they also have tons of ratings on all of their foods!!

Ha ha...would you know that there is an app for this specifically for - how lucky am I to just find that out.  Check it out below! that's it.  I hope you enjoyed my post enough to become my first follower!!



  1. Hi! I found you though LaToya's Linky. I do a weekly menu because I only go to the grocery store once a week! Meat pies do not sound appetizing at all. haha

    I remember maternity leave...4 years ago. I loved every minute of being home with my baby girl. I hope you're enjoying being a new mom and getting sleep!

    I taught 6th grade for 2 years and I'll NEVER teach it again. It is the only grade I refuse to teach - not kidding. I'm glad there are teachers who want to teach 6th grade - mainly so I don't have to:)
    This Little Piggy Reads

  2. Hey, thanks for being my first follower and also for your comments. It's funny how I ended up in 6th. I swore I would never teach grade 6 either, but...I needed to be closer to home and figured I could make it work for a few years anyways. Last year was a doozy! Here's to hoping next year will be better :)

  3. I LOVE finding new middle school blogs and you're in Canada - bonus:) I'm in PEI. Your blog looks great so far. I'm looking forward to your future posts:)