Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reading for the Love of It 2013

Hey Everyone!  Thanks to everyone who stops by to check out my blog!  I'm new to blogging so please leave me a comment!

Even though I have been home on MAT leave this year, I attended the Reading for the Love of It Conference in Toronto.  I go every year, and this year was no exception!  I just love going and listening to the speakers. w I always come home inspired and usually find a new resource that I love as well.
This year I got to attend a seminar by Lisa Donohue.  Her presentation was based on 100 minutes (the literacy block) but I enjoy using my Daily Five and decided to stick with that, but  I looked at her books and she has some amazing stuff.  Even though I have a grade six assignment, I found her ideas in the presentation really interesting and came home with two of her books.  Our board is really into success criteria and learning goals, so this resource seemed perfect as it has success criteria for grade 2 and grade 6 writing!  Check it out!

I also picked up her independent reading book below.  It has some great ideas for all of the reading comprehension strategies for K-6.  I will try and take some pics to post of some of the samples.

One of the great ideas that she had was to create a twitter handle for your classroom!  She assigned one child a media relations job for the entire day and that student was responsible for taking pictures which she would then post through twitter.  She said she had a 50% following and the parents loved seeing what was going on and the students loved the media relations job.  It takes the home-school connection to a whole new level!

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  1. SO lucky to go to this. I have only been once. Email me I would love to chat with another Ontario teacher. 2peasandadog at gmail.com