Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh Technology..How I Love Thee

So I have been surfing the blog sites as well as the internet and have come across some truly amazing ideas that I have to try in my classroom!  They are technology related and for some people this frightens them, but I think if we all embrace it, we actually see how helpful all of this stuff can be!

 I actually found this one just randomly playing around trying to find ways to make clip art.  I remember surfing the blogs and seeing someone with a giant monopoly board on a bulletin in their classroom.  This tool I found allows you to create your own community chest.  It's actually pretty neat and I created one of my own.  Click here to see the large list of things that you can create - you will find this generator!  It is #50 on under the heading Make Graphics With Your Text.  They have 12  images cards to choose from.  So, even if you didn't have a monopoly theme, you could create your own game cards or just use them as fun incentive tickets.

Here's the QR code for the one
I made!

The next one (above) I found was to create text messages for your students. I just copied the URL code and put it in my blog!  The idea could be to create dialogue between two characters that you want the students to make an inference from, or could be anything about any topic.  The great part is that there is a QR code so that the students can scan to see the text message that you have created OR you can embed the code on your blog and display it for everyone to see.  The only thing is that you can't print it.  But still, pretty neat...the possibilities are endless - you could even do a secret message or something for students  who have their work done!  Click here to check it out!

Soaring Through Second
This one (see below) is the ultimate...and I have to thank Technology Tailgate first because that is where I saw the post and then I need to thank the real star, Soaring Through Second for her awesome post about using this new site to create real time KWL charts and lessons using Padlet (formerly Wallwisher).  You have to check out her post, it is simply amazing to see how she used the KWL chart using this website!  She has a class set of ipads, but still, as a grade 6 teacher fighting cell phones, here is a way to finally embrace the technology I've been fighting.  This concept is a real winner for any grades because you can use the QR codes for students to scan to bring them to the different pages that they need to visit and converse on.  I've taken an example from "teaching" on their website so you can see the real time conversation cork board.  This one is a Harry Potter discussion.  Neat thing is that you don't have to keep refreshing every few minutes to keep the conversation going.

Ok, so that's it for today's post.  There are soooo many things that I can't wait to try.  I am just so greatful to everyone who has been kind enough to share all of these tools for us to use as well as ideas on how to use them!

Happy Saturday!


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