Friday, March 8, 2013

Tween Tribune

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday and for those on March Break here in Ontario, 'Happy March Break'! Ok, so I'm anxiously awaiting news about what grade I will be teaching next year. Hopefully today is the day that I find that out so I can start thinking about my classroom for next September when I return to work! People think I'm a little crazy because I'm on MAT leave and I'm still thinking about school, but when you love what you do, how can you not? Well...maybe I am a little bit crazy. So, my first post was about a website (Teach Kids the News) that you can use to teach with. It has current news written at the level for kids as well as curriculum questions for k-6. As I was skipping along, looking at a bunch of different teaching blogs, I came across another site that has great articles for kids as well. I wish I could remember the blogger so I could credit him/her but if I do come across it again, I will definitely give them a shout out! Anyways, this site can't produce a pdf version of the article and it doesn't have questions but it is a great resource for hot topics! I just copied and pasted the text and then exported it as a pdf to my files. If you don't have a program that does this you can download Open Office and use it. It's very much like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, but it's free so I'm a fan! I am going to post a couple articles that could be used as hot topics down below so you can see what the articles look like. The thing that I like is you could use the topics for debates or for persuasive writing. The website has tons of potential because it covers everything from sports to entertainment. It's called Tween Tribune! I hope you are just as excited as I am about this! There is also a Tween Tribune Junior and a Teen Tribune as well. I haven't explored either, but I'm assuming you could find topics for younger and older students. Since I can't post the pdf's that I have created, I will post the pictures of the topics that I found that may be of interest to you and the link to the article. If anyone knows a way that I can link these other than using Scribd, let me know as it isn't allowing me to show you the entire article. Take a peek at the hot topics below!

             Is It Fair to Tell Teens to Turn it Down?

                         Is Cheerleading a Sport

These are just a few of the hot topics that you could use!  Happy reading and Happy March Break to my fellow teachers!


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